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* Tower Dryer Preseasons (FFI & GSI): Dependant on size & fan heater count                              $375.00 - $550.00 + Parts
* Single Module Grain Dryer (FFI & GSI): Single fan units                                                                 $300.00 + Parts
* Additional Fan/Heater on Single & Stack Module Grain Dryer (FFI & GSI)                                     $60.00/EA. + Parts

* Split Mileage Charge: To be split between all preseasons done per day                                   $1.50 Per Mile + Fuel Surcharge      
** The Dryer Doctors preseason area consists of the Western half of Minnesota and the Eastern half of North & South Dakota.  
     Any preseaons done outside these areas may be subject to an additional "out of area" charge
** Any application for preseason received after July 15th will incur an additional $100.00 charge to the base preseason price.

Preseason Dryer Inspection Checklist:

  • Inspect sparkplug/ignitor. Adjust or replace as needed.

  • Inspect Flame Switch/flame rod.  Clean and adjust or replace as needed.

  • Inspect and clean electrical cabinet.

  • Inspect and check tightness of all panel connections.

  • Inspect belts and belt tensions.  Adjust or replace as needed.

  • Inspect complete load and unload systems (i.e. flight, bearings, wood blocks, chains, sprockets).  Replace as needed.

  • Lubricate bearings and grease points.

  • Inspect chains and sprockets.  Adjust to proper tensions or replace as needed.

  • Inspect belt and chain guards to ensure they are in place.

  • Inspect grain columns for blockages, rusted areas and cracks.

  • Inspect overall condition of gas train and solenoid valves.  Replace as needed.

  • Inspect vaporizer and regulator on LP systems.  Adjust or replace as needed.

  • Check and record motor amp draws (i.e. load, unload, fan/fans and SCR motors)

  • Check oil level in the SCR gearbox.

  • Inspect SCR and calibrate as needed.

  • Inspect metering system including housing, flutes and bearings.

  • Check control circuits for jumper wires and safety bypass wires.  Remove as needed.

  • Check network boards for wire harness tightness, connection and condition.

  • Check and clean moisture sensors and sampler box.

  • Test fire dryer if possible.

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