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With more than 59 years of combined experience, The Dryer Doctors can help you build a new grain handling site or expand your existing site with the use of a large line of different equipment, built to your needs & within your budget.  Using a drafting program such as AutoCAD or DraftSight, we are able to fully design your site to your specifications in a 2D or 3D model and fine tune it for future growth and usability.  


We currently offer:

    * Grain Bins - GSI & WESTEEL

    * Grain Dryers - GSI & FFI

    * Air Transfer Systems - Vari-Air, GSI & Sukup

    * Grain Legs & Conveyors - GSI, Schlagel & Sudenga

    * Grain Pump & Loop Systems - GSI, Hutchinson & Sukup

    * Grain Handling Catwalk/Support Structures - Brownie, Innovative Ag Products, GSI, Eclipse & Warrior

    * Grain Augers - Westfield, Hutchinson & Sudenga

    * Grain Bin Accessories (Floors, Fans, Unloads, Etc.) - GSI, WESTEEL & Sukup

    * Drive-Over Dump Pits & Conveyors - Innovative Ag Products, Lowry Mfg, GSI, Hutchinson, Sukup & Sudenga

    * Grain Bin Moisture Monitoring - AgriDry & Tri-States Grain Conditioning

    * Grain Bin Level Monitoring - LevAlert Bin Indicator

    * Steel Buildings - Sentinel Buildings by AGI

    * We also offer many specialty & custom fabricated accessories from multiple suppliers

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